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Topic: DLink LR-N-R2000 (DIR-614-A1)


I am current using the above router from my ISP (TMNET) since 2013 and was using the default firmware 1.07TM until recently where I changed it to 1.09OD which I think I obtained it from Singapore DLink.

The source for 1.07 should be available tsd.dlink.com.tw i.e. Taiwan DLink site (under L7 not DIR). It is under a GPL license so I think any developer should be able to modify it freely.

I wish to request for this to be made one of OpenWrt products.

Thank you.

Re: DLink LR-N-R2000 (DIR-614-A1)

That model has a Realtek RTL8196 CPU.  That CPU has not been supported because it is quirky and low-performance, and usually accompanied by Realtek wifi chips which don't have good open-source drivers.  So it would be a major project to port OpenWrt to it.

Re: DLink LR-N-R2000 (DIR-614-A1)

Well, I am not sure what are your source for that facts and whether that facts are true or otherwise not (since it is clearly GPL license) but I do thank you for your response since it seems to say porting OpenWrt to it is possible.

All I was doing is wished should there is anybody willing to port OpenWrt to it as this L7-N-R2000 product was officially supplied by our national telco in supplying highspeed broadban and I believe that it is still being used by hundred thousands of people in my country.

Our national telco does not provide a free upgrade to other new device unless it is within their two years warranty period and completely not working or broken.

So how major this project is, I think it should be very useful to many of us. I really hope those who are capable of porting OpenWrt to it will have an open mind and attempt to do it for the benefit of many.

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Here is discussion about the issue of devices with Realtek / Lexra CPU's:
Do you know the memory chip sizes?  Less than 32M RAM and 4M flash is not supportable.

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Thanks for the link @mk24. I am not so sure about the flash size but the ram should be 32M. I will read through the said topic and see whether I can gather anything useful.

By the way, can you provide me with a link on how to build/port OpenWrt?