Topic: Camper: Share WiFi connection

Hi and sorry for posting this topic as it is not 100% specific to OpenWRT... I simply hope that it can be solved by OpenWRT and your experience and skills.

What I have: a motor camper, some devices (BluRay Player, TV, Receiver, SmartPhones, ...) that want to be "online" and some kids and a wife with the same request... ;-)

Fortunately, nowadays many caravaning sites offer a quite usable WiFi connection. But: They usually require to log in via Browser & credentials. So every time we move to a new site, we have to a) request several credentials and b) enter them into each and every device to get access.

What I'm looking for is a small WiFi "router" where I enter the credentials only once and then a) have a fixed LAN connection to the camper's devices and b) have my own WLAN where the family simply connects using the same WPA2 SSID + password as we use at home -> nothing to configure.

That's where my skill is not sufficient: How can I "login" a router via WiFi to the caravaning site's WLAN when I have to open a browser and enter credentials?

Maybe there already is a technical term for this that I am not aware of. Please excuse my ignorance... I'm happy to use the search function as soon as I know what to search for... :-)

Many thanks in advance for any hints and tips.

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Re: Camper: Share WiFi connection

Set up a basic routed client. 

You then connect a device which has a web browser to your router and log in to the network.  Then your other devices can access the Internet without logging in.  The router makes it look like everything is coming from the same device.

There are ways to log in automatically with scripts on the router, but it would likely be different for every location you visit.