Topic: for SALE...adapter / AIR-MP21G-E-K9 / EMP-8603S / WL-120G

for sale:

a) adapter mini-pci to pci (one cable rp-sma to ufl)
b) Cisco AIR-MP21G-E-K9 mini-pci
c) Senao  EMP-8603S mini-pci
d) Asus WL-120G mini-pci
e) 16 cm (6,3") RG 316/U cable rp-sma to mmcx
f) 8 cm (3,15") cable rp-sma to ufl
e) 10 dBi omni antenna rp-sma
f) 10 dBi directional rp-sma
g) 7 dBi omni antenna rp-sma
h) 3 dBi omni antenna rp-sma
i) Asus Wl-500gP empty case (new)

Shipping costs to be defined

Make an offer and let's find an agreement.