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Hi y'all,

I live next to a festival and we are running a booz stand (legal, no worries) on our driveway. I would like to offer free wifi. Obviously, I want to limit it ... I am guessing something like mac-based access with a speed and download limit, and only ports 53, 80 and 443 open.

I just flashed openWRT on my TP link archer C7. But I'm not really sure on where to go from there. I was expecting some lightweight captive portal softs, but stuff like coovachilli/wifidog/.. is a lot of config for what I need. Any suggestions?

As a solid base, I think a mac-based 200MB download limit will suffice. No exceptions, only internet (80,443 (53)). What would be the easiest way to get there?


Re: festival hotspot - enlighten me

Doing firmware for custom hotspot systems for a living, using coova-chilli, you might ask for a simple setup, including social login (facebook). Needs backend-server, for freeradius, though.

Re: festival hotspot - enlighten me

Hi Augustus_meyer,

Thanks for the info. Never heard of social login before. Now that I have, that would be pretty damn fancy.

So let's say I run a ubuntu VM on my pc, build freeRadius on it, could you help me with the OpenWRT config and the facebook part?


Re: festival hotspot - enlighten me

Yes, but I do this stuff for a living .... You can find quite some info regarding the main components on the web:
- freeradius server. I would suggest a small VPS, like smallest from 
- social login. You need PHP for this, thus the VPS.
- coova-chilli .

But it is a steep learning curve. For help, is a good source.