Topic: Reverting to - Backup Image on Linksys 1900AC


As per the topic title I have 1900AC on which OpenWRT keeps reverting due to hard boots the system receives the details are as following:

I installed the images in the following pattern:


Now what happens is that DDWRT works fine but lets say for some reason the hardware gets hard boot due to power loss or cable unplug or any reason 3 or 4 times continuously it reverts from DDWRT to OpenWRT without any reason. If I flash DDWRT again on the OpenWRT I get everything back including all my DDWRT settings. I am just wondering if there is in-built backup ROM option in the router that is causing to revert to OpenWRT. If yes, how can I delete or update that?


Re: Reverting to - Backup Image on Linksys 1900AC

Yes, that is normal behaviour, and having a dual partition system is one of the "selling points" in those devices.
Unfortunately, I do not know how to disable it... You should provably invest in a UPS to avoid those weird reboots, or install (and configure) OpenWrt on both partitions.