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I'm using OpenWRT on a TP-Link 300 Mbps Wireless N Cable Router, Easy Setup, WPS Button, UK Plug (TL-WR841N)

If you don't know it you can type that above into amazon and it's top link, can't share link not allowed smile

I don't have any malicious users, it's just family members, my issue is however say for example if we have a PS4 downloading updates wireless or any large download then it slows down the internet to a standstill. I was wondering if there is a way for limiting the bandwidth / priority of large tasks.

I don't really want to use bandwidth control because if there is no other device actively doing something, although it may be connected, it should be then given full access and I was under the impression bandwidth control only works all the time. If not then please enlighten me smile

I was thinking about QoS but IDK. This wasn't an issue with the old router, so trying to work out how they did it so I could do it.

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Have a look at SQM:

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Excellent Thanks Very Much