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Is there any way to use OpenWrt to enable a router to repeat an iPhone Personal Hotspot?  I loaded OpenWrt on my NG R8000 but it did not scan and find my iPhone Hotspot.

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That is called a routed client.  Create a client mode wifi interface that connects to your iPhone then switch the WAN physical settings to it.

You need to enable WiFi before you can scan.  However I don't recommend using the "join network" button.

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Brilliant!  Is there a white paper that would help me keep from wading through Google?

That sounds like it could work...

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I am using it on r8000 and working fine.

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Very helpful...

As someone who is new to this, could you provide clarification? 

So, I read on the wiki a bunch of steps with code.  I am able to flash the firmware and see where all the code can be entered.

For me to get the router to recognize my hotspot (SSID: "iPhone") I enter that it in the code, correct?

Then, I have a password for my hotspot (is that WPA?).  I then would hard code that passcode into the code as well?

Are there any other settings in the code that I need to change for this specific configuration?

I just want to be able to have other devices see my NG R8000 and then have that connection push them through to my hotspot.  (Though, I would like to require those devices to enter a passcode so that not every device can easily connect.)

Thanks SO MUCH for your help.

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the wiki pages gives you the files that get modified and what changes in them and then gives you the uci commands to enter to make those changes. 

You have to specify the encryption type as setup on your hotspot and the key for it.  I can't tell you what to put there because its whatever you chose on the iphone.

All devices will still need to enter the correct key to connect to the SSID as setup on the iPhone, they have to be entered into the config on the netgear because the router connects as a client.

this page may be closer to what you want in the end...

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1. Relayd is not needed for this application.
2. You can do the entire setup through the LuCi web interface.