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Topic: Please help me installing OpenWrt on Dir 600L


I am using Dlink Dir 600 L
Hardware Version: B1

I rebooted the router while holding the reset button, when the light started blinking I opened the interface ( and tried uploading


But it didn't get uploaded. I got an error saying "Invalid image file.seconds" .

Please help me install OpenWrt.

Re: Please help me installing OpenWrt on Dir 600L

I need this badly. Please someone reply.

Re: Please help me installing OpenWrt on Dir 600L

Did you read this?

There is a section "Installing of OpenWrt" where it says "As of July 2013 only access via the router's emergency web interface is required to install OpenWrt on this device. The normal web interface might complain about invalid image files and thus not work (as seen with vendor firmware version 2.14).".

Here it is.

I have no clue if this is still the way to go since I don't own such a device. So this will most likely my last post in this thread.
But to make anyone else being able and willing to help you, you should definitively provide enough information to see which of those steps didn't work out for you.

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Re: Please help me installing OpenWrt on Dir 600L

To access the emergency web interface to flash the new firmware first unplug the power cable from the router, press and hold the reset button, plug the power cable back in while still holding the reset button and hold it for at least 5 seconds until the orange LED starts blinking, then release the reset button.

^^ This is exactly what I did.

Open a web-browser on your computer and access the emergency web interface at or for B5.
Choose 'browse' and select your previously downloaded firmware file (.bin file extension)
Press 'upload' and watch the timer countdown from 90 seconds. At the end of the countdown the webpage will trying and refresh but will fail.

^^ Next I did this but the bin file didnt get uploaded and printed an error. I will redo all of the above and note down the error.

Thanks a lot for your reply.

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Re: Please help me installing OpenWrt on Dir 600L




^^ Invalid image file.seconds

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Re: Please help me installing OpenWrt on Dir 600L

Anyone ?