Topic: MWAN3 Port forwarding

Dear comrades
Configured to open the mwan3
WAN and
LAN 192.168 .1.1 mask
Balancing works ok

In the LAN there is a WEB server on ports 80 and 443
And there is a terminal server on ports 3389 and 443

There is a problem with the port forwarding
You need to split the 443 port so that traffic to went to 443
And the traffic went to 443 on 433

As set firewall port forwarding in luci to set the binding = 443 = 168.1.11 443?
There's only WAN: 443 = LAN: 443
What options should I add to this rule?

Re: MWAN3 Port forwarding

Any reason you decided not to post this in a dedicated mwan3 thread?