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I am using OpenWrt for years and till now I was able to find a solutions for my problem trough google and this forum. However now I am facing the following problem: Due to the fact that my TV provider needs a switch connected to their device, they connected a switch on my network input (They want a direct connection to their own device). Currently my Internet is entering in switch after the switch going to my TV device and to my OpenWRT router. I want to remove the switch so I want to make a switch from 2 of the ports of my router. So the idea is to make a switch with the WAN and one of the LAN ports. The rest three LAN ports and the WiFi will be my Home network. In that configuration I will be able to put my WAN Internet cable to the WAN port of the router or one of the LAN ports. The other 3 LAN ports and the WiFi should be after the router firewall.
The idea is clear, however I am not able to implement it trough the VLAN menu and/or network configuration file. Till now I was able 3 time to destroy the network connection to my router and to reload the default configuration trough UART ( because my SSH connection was broken sad )..... Is there some body who is able to help me with that task?

Thank you in advance!


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Re: OpenWRT TPLINK_WR740N V4.xx WAN/LAN ports managment

First, you should set up a wifi AP interface and log into the router via wifi.  That way if you misconfigure the ethernet you won't lose access to the router.

The WAN port is actually a dedicated run to the CPU, it does not go through the switch hardware.  Therefore when you want to use hardware switching, you can't use the WAN port.  You can move the wan (I think is eth0) into the LAN bridge so that the blue WAN port is usable by a LAN device.  Again, forget about connecting the fiber box or the TV box to the blue WAN port.  It can't work (easily... well OK it could potentially work if you set up a software bridge between the two, but then the CPU would have to process the TV traffic, which will slow it down).

Now for the actual switch.  The FTTH services usually use separate VLANs over the cable from the fiber box for TV traffic versus your general Internet.  It is necessary to know what those VLAN numbers are for your specific provider to complete this setup.

Once you know that, make three VLANs in the switch.

VLAN 1 (or any number NOT used by the fiber service) --> is LAN stuff
VLAN X --> is passing through the TV packets via hardware switching.  CPU doesn't see them.
VLAN Y --> is your Internet WAN

VLAN 1 is tagged to the CPU and untagged to the two ports you will connect LAN devices to.  It is off on the two ports that go to the fiber box and the TV box.
VLAN X is tagged on the fiber box port and the TV port, and off on the CPU.   The CPU doesn't need your TV traffic.
VLAN Y is tagged on the fiber box port and tagged on the CPU.

Next you need to hook the two VLANs from the CPU to the appropriate logical interfaces.
eth1.1 is in the LAN network (bridge)
eth1.Y is to the WAN network.

Do not connect plain eth1 to anything.  Once you are using VLANs into that CPU port you need to keep everything tagged.

Re: OpenWRT TPLINK_WR740N V4.xx WAN/LAN ports managment

Thank you mk24!
I am not sure that I will succeeded wit those configurations... I will try and I will give feedback here.