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Topic: Netgear R7800 two 2.4ghz radios on Openwrt

Hey, I'm trying to set up two 2.4ghz radios on a Netgear R7800 with slightly modified openwrt software.  I just want both networks to be on the 2.4ghz frequency and have not found a way on the openwrt gui or on google.  Please, let me know if you have an idea on how to solve this issue or if it is not possible. Thanks

Re: Netgear R7800 two 2.4ghz radios on Openwrt

While I don't own the device in question, in most of these cases you really have one 2.4-GHz-only and one 5-GHz-only radio, with PHYs, LNAs and antennas matched to their preferred frequency band only. While it, depending on the wlan chipset in question, may be possible to force it to run on a different band, actually doing so will at least result in pretty poor performance in the wrong band and might actually damage the hardware.

Re: Netgear R7800 two 2.4ghz radios on Openwrt

You couldn't change the 5 GHz radio to operate as a second 2.4.  The hardware in between the chip and the antennas is specific for 5 GHz.