Topic: How to test kmod-dns-resolver

Hey everyone,

I have been having issues with nmap doing reverse DNS lookups for hostnames when I do a network scan. On some networks the DNS resolutions works, on others it does not. So I saw in "make menuconfig" there were kernal modules named "kmod-dnsresolver" and "kmod-dns-resolver".

How do I make use of these packages? Is there a way to use these resolvers over whatever is being used currently? I can't find any documentation on these packages or how to use them.


Re: How to test kmod-dns-resolver

AFAIK "kmod-dnsresolver" and "kmod-dns-resolver" won't help you. First they depend on a (working) DNS resolver in user space, and second they can't be used directly by user space programs (like nmap) anyway. Those modules are useful together with CIFS and AFS when resolving host names.