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Topic: Having a hard time with an LTE module

Hi everyone!

I just acquired a Compex WPJ428 board, and it came with Barrier Breaker. It also came without an LTE module, but no worries, i bought a Huawei ME906s-158. Now the issue I've got is that OpenWRT does not recognize the LTE module, probably due to lack of firmware support for it. But i was hoping some extremely smart individual might point me in the right direction in how to fix this, so that i might initialize the LTE module and start using this setup.

The LTE module is installed with an NGFF M.2 connection.

I've been looking around for some answers, but all packages recommended does not exist in the barrier breaker package list.

Any tips, or help is much appreciated.


Re: Having a hard time with an LTE module

Worth mentioning i'm using the Barrier Breaker Snapshot ipq806x

Any help would be much appreciated.

Re: Having a hard time with an LTE module

I cant see that WPJ428 is in the OpenWRT build system which means that Compex has not released the patches they used for building OpenWRT,  god knows what they have added or removed in their firmware or which drivers they have included and which they haven't.
Sorry but I think you are probably better off if you ask Compex support for help.

Re: Having a hard time with an LTE module

What do you think of the WPJ428? Where did you manage to get one from?