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Hello All

First i want to say sorry for grammar and spelling on this post

Recently i have sign an contact with my local isp and they gave me Huawei HG8245A For the modem and we ( me and my brother use the wifi conection ,LAN we dont use)

mostly i use internet for gaming as you may know we need as low latency as posible ,but since we conected using the same SSID

Problem come when my brother also used internet for streaming or downloading stuff from internet as this SSID doesnt have QOS setting or any bandwith management tools wich result my ping get high and disconected from the game, now i also have unused HUAWEI HG553 which i installed openwrt

To be honest i dont know what im tryng to ask ,but basically if it posible i want to connect the SSID from my isp to my unused HUAWEI HG553 ..where from there perhaps i will installed another script for controlling bandwith (set bandwith cap) then let conection from OPENWRT for downloading conection only .if im not mistaken once i installed wshapper on openwrt

So Guys is it posible to do this?

Many thanks

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Re: Need some info Or Help Traffic Shapping

Use the ISP's box only as a modem.  Route all traffic from both users through your OpenWrt router to the modem.  Install luci-app-sqm.  Set the bandwidth on the wan interface to slightly less than the ISP delivers.  With DSL lines usually the only thing you have to do is know your uplink bandwidth and control it.

wshaper is considered obsolete.  SQM has many more options.