Topic: Can't access router DGN3500 / Failsafe won't work !! Help plzzz

Hi ! So I think I managed to screw up my router (DGN3500) and I no longer can access it! I just renamed a network interface and some firewall zones regarding an openvpn setup I had on it. Modified /etc/config/firewall and network directly and then issued a 'network restart'. That killed it ! Figured I did something stupid and now network wont come back up...

I tried going into Failsafe mode as per As soon as my power led starts to slowly blink, I hit a button on it. Just like the doc says, the power light now blinks super fast and wont stop, which is supposed to mean I'm in failsafe mode...

I plugged in my single cable that goes to my laptop and assigned it /

I can't even ping the router, so forget about telnet all together !!

Can anyone please help ? How can I recover this ?? Many many many thanks !!

Re: Can't access router DGN3500 / Failsafe won't work !! Help plzzz

Update:  Following everything on … ebricking, I went on to trying to recover the original FW using TFTP. It did not work. never does it seem to pick up the FW image on my tftp server (mac osx), nor could I push it.

Not seeing any positive kind of results, figured the u-boot process didnt load what was necessary for the TFTP. I went on to trying to debrick it.

First tried the 30-30-30. That brought me to a point where my power led is now quickly blinking green and red. But yet, I have no way of accessing my router, neither telnet, or web !

Then tried the "brutal way", as per the wiki. Did everything right, but when I get to the point #8 in running the netgear firmware recovery tool, I get an error about "could not get system information correctly".

I tried this in a Windows 7 VM, and also did try on another, real, Windows 8 laptop. Same in both cases. The error msg talks about running this "RmDrv.exe" file, but that doesnt do crap.

I am so angry right now. Nothing seems to be working out for me, and yet, I'm following everything as is.

Desperate for help here. Is my router dead ??


Re: Can't access router DGN3500 / Failsafe won't work !! Help plzzz

Failsafe mode

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Netgear DGN3500 -  looking for electric circuit schema
TP-Link TD-W8970 v1

Re: Can't access router DGN3500 / Failsafe won't work !! Help plzzz

I haven't tried that last approach yet..  However, the url for router upgrade utility ( ) doesn't seem to work sad( Anyone else knows where I can get this ?

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Re: Can't access router DGN3500 / Failsafe won't work !! Help plzzz


Just follow my hints, the ones in the wiki page ( … debricking).
The tool you need to use (in a WIN32 environment) is also reported there, I paste the link here for your convenience: …

Let me now if it works, I'm happy to help.

Sorry, I have missed your previous comment. So, you were able to follow the procedure up to a certain point: are you running the update tool in a WIN32 environment, as described in the page? Have you installed a FAKE NIC driver so that you have a list with at list two options and you can change the selection and trigger the buggy logic, as described in the procedure? ;-)


Re: Can't access router DGN3500 / Failsafe won't work !! Help plzzz

FINALLY !!! I'm back online !!! THANK YOU Snakus & Chainofflowers for your help !! Indeed, I ended up downloading a Windows XP installation; setup a VM, using bridge network; and only then, did the win32 app work to reflash the router!

I first flashed it with the degault Netgear FW. I did give me an error at the end, but just ignored it. Rebooted the router and then was able to ping Strangly enought though, the netgear fw web page prompt me for a username/passwd. I entered the defaults and it wouldn't work. At some point, for some unknown reason it FINALLY gave me the web interface. I right away pushed the Opewrt 15.05.1 firmware and voilà!

That moth!@?%!!f*cker gave me a sweat!!!! And all this because I wanted to "cleanup/rename" my OpenVPN device name and firewall zone names for it ! f*ck me !!

Anyways, again, thank you for your help !