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Topic: Technicolor TG582n (BCM63281) and OpenWRT


I just got one of these and I never liked the stock Alcatel/Thomson firmware. I started an article @ the wiki: TG582n (based on a draft @ http://wiki.openwrt.org/tg582n by a fellow member). I'll do some soldering later this week and I'll update as I go.

If anyone else is testing OpenWRT on TG582n, please post any info/feedback here.

Some quick info on the TG582n:

-They come in 2 hardware/board variants, DANT-T (8MB Flash) or DANT-1 (16MB Flash). The stock firmware images are not interchangeable between the different boards.

-I've only quickly poked around but other than the Flash chip the rest of the hardware looks identical, ditto for the pcb layout

  • Serial port @ J3

  • JTAG @ J4

JTAG pinout:
8 - N/C (Diode missing to 3.3V) 
7 - TDI 
6 - TDO 
5 - GND 
4 - TMS 
3 - TCK 
2 - N/C (3.3V Pullup / Possible nTRST) 
1 - N/C (resistor missing to 3.3V)


Re: Technicolor TG582n (BCM63281) and OpenWRT

Believe it or not, Technicolor themselves have OpenWRT running on a TG582n V2 wink

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Re: Technicolor TG582n (BCM63281) and OpenWRT

Whiterat wrote:

Believe it or not, Technicolor themselves have OpenWRT running on a TG582n V2 wink

How would one go about liberating this into something resembeling OpenWRT?

The stock firmware is so, so awefull with regard to the web UI.

The telnet is locked down to specific commands, theres a big pdf list of them somewhere on the internets, but not very useful.

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Re: Technicolor TG582n (BCM63281) and OpenWRT

Hello everybody, it is the first time that i write on this forum smile
I'm interested to flash the OpenWrt on Tecnicolor TG582 (DANT-T)
How can i do this?
Thanks ^_^

Re: Technicolor TG582n (BCM63281) and OpenWRT

Hi Guys,

This is my first post on here and that mainly due to me having several of the TG582n routers. It would be great if Openwrt could be used on this router as this is now quite a common router here in the UK and a lot of service providers now send this router out.

So I would be more than happy to work with some one on this as a project. I have access to a couple of these routers and am aware of at least 3 different variants of these. Also due to my job i have access to the wholesale firmware as well.

So will personally will be giving this ago, however this is my first project of this kind so would appreciate any help that would be available.

Re: Technicolor TG582n (BCM63281) and OpenWRT

Hi, got myself a DANT-1 unit hoping to have a chance to put OpenWRT on it.
Switch serves almost all my needs (mwan3 if possible), mabe usb.
But need some guidance, does this serve for a start?

Tried to flash a unlocked firmware by wizard but it quits about 20% flash going back to original (vodafone pt).

Thank you!

Re: Technicolor TG582n (BCM63281) and OpenWRT

Hello everybody.

I've a Alice DANT-T router (telecom) with brand firmware.

I've repleace the brand firmware with SPIPGM for dos and i've upload a technicolor TG582n stock firmware and it's succesfuly.

Now, it's possible to flash a Openwrt firmware in this router?


Re: Technicolor TG582n (BCM63281) and OpenWRT

OK Like Foster82, this is my first post to the forum. I have a Technicolor TG582n from Direct Save, a UK based ISP. I had decided not to use it as I already had a working router with all my settings for DMZ, port forwarding etc. Unfortunately my existing router just went bang. I've readjusted the IP ranges of my firewall to work with the TG582n but the router is locked down and I can't access it to finnese the settings. I'm hoping that OpenWRT is the solution, but I need to know how to get the firmware onto a locked box. Any help would be appreciated.

Many Thanks


Re: Technicolor TG582n (BCM63281) and OpenWRT

any news ?
Thanks in advice

Re: Technicolor TG582n (BCM63281) and OpenWRT

Hi M4rk,

No news from anyone yet. I'll probably end up having to buy an off-the-shelf router and go from there. I'll wait a little longer though and live in hope.