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Topic: D-LINK DIR-615 rev H2? H1...

Hi there,

Is it possible to have a firmware build for DIR-615 rev H1?(H2)


Shot at 2012-03-21

Shot at 2012-03-21
Shot at 2012-03-21
Shot at 2012-03-21

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I also have a DIR-615 rev H1 and looking for a openwrt firmware build.

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Same here, DIR-615 H2. Hoping for OpenWRT port, is this being worked on?

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It will be worked on as soon as hw has been donated, check this thread: http://www.dd-wrt.com/phpBB2/viewtopic. … 325f5f8b3a

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seems the DD-WRT people are done with revision H1 and H2 - is there eventually an OpenWRT beta for H2 out already which I do not find?

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Looks like the OpenWRT guys are working on a firmware built for the Dlink dir-615 h1:

ramips: add support for D-Link DIR-615 H1
rt2x00 still needs some patching as the radio doesn't come to life.

https://dev.openwrt.org/changeset/33205 … mips/files

BTW: dd-wrt works great on my dir-615 h1



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What about dlink 615 h2? any news?

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hello, if anyone (with serial on his/her H2) can paste the bootlog here i can adapt my openwrt build for H1:

http://www.ip6.ro/openwrt/dlink-dir-615 … r-breaker/

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Re: D-LINK DIR-615 rev H2? H1...

I may be able to do so, but never done it before. I suppose my cubieboard serial2usb connector work. Any hints to speed up my task? I have a little child and my "free" time is really low lately to spend time learning by try/fail sad

My router is currently running ddwrt

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Re: D-LINK DIR-615 rev H2? H1...

Is the dmesg output from DD-WRT any help? http://pastebin.com/CaBM2Gsx

I can also try to attach it here, or tell me where I can send it. Please tell if there is other useful information that I can provide from the dd-wrt command line.

EDIT: I have added H2 photos to the wiki. There is one unpopulated socket (same on H1) and the footprint looks like a (boring) push button. http://wiki.openwrt.org/toh/d-link/dir- … rt#unknown

The SOC has two USB ports. I wonder if any of them are routed to the board? SOC datasheet: http://wenku.baidu.com/view/f819b14be51 … 47c07.html

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Re: D-LINK DIR-615 rev H2? H1...

I installed aind's OpenWrt build and it seems to work fine. The firmware upgrade tool in the DD-WRT web interface did not work, so I did it over telnet (wired connection):

# cd /tmp
# wget http:/ /www.ip6.ro/firmware/dir615/H2/openwrt-r36367-dir-615-h1-sysupgrade.bin
# md5sum openwrt-r36367-dir-615-h1-sysupgrade.bin 

The md5sum must match the one in the mdsums files on the same website. In this case it was 97e5881fb0a9aee4baef85ff6c37d2b7

Then the scary part. Make sure you have read everything on the DD-WRT web site about recovery, have Boot Wait enabled etc.

# mtd -r write openwrt-r36367-dir-615-h1-sysupgrade.bin linux

You'll see something like this. The way it just cuts you off does not inspire confidence...

Unlocking linux ...
Writing from openwrt-r36367-dir-615-h1-sysupgrade.bin to linux ...  [w]
# Connection closed by foreign host.

After a while I reconnected my computer and saw it received address 192.168.1.x so I knew I could find the new OpenWrt web interface on http:/ /

Thanks a lot, aind (and google translate)!

PS. I inserted a space between the two slashes in the two URLs above to prevent the forum software from messing it up.

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Hey, I opened my DIR-615/H2 today, right after I got it in the mail and took some photos.

I've lifted the thermal dissipation pad from the SOC. You can check out my photos on my Google+ account.

Here's one of the pictures:
As you can see, it's a Ralink RT3352F

The Wiki page of the device shows only pictures with the thermal pad in place, so I thought maybe this is interesting to someone.

The unpopulated pad "U34" is interesting I think, as well as the pads for "J4", which I assume is RS-232. No idea if it is possible to extend the RAM, here's the datasheet to the M12L2561616A 32MB SDRAM chip. The components around that seem all to be populated, so it just might be possible (I son't see how to increase the flash size, as it is on the SOC, but 64MB RAM would be quite remarkable, I'd say!).

Unfortunately, I cannot find the datasheet to the RT3352 SOC, only this info sheet, mostly intended for marketing.

As I understand it, the H2 revision uses the same SOC as the H1 revision, so I'd guess it's only small differences.

Since OpenWrt is already released for the H1 revision, I'd assume porting it to the H2 version shouldn't me much of a problem.

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polemon, it seems like you missed the posts just above.  I posted those wiki images of my H2, and I am running aind's firmware on it. You don't need a specific H2 port. He broke his own link, but more info can be found here: http://www.internet6.ro/downloads/dlink-dir-615/

Re: D-LINK DIR-615 rev H2? H1...

tormod, what I actually needed, was someone telling me "Yes, you can run the H1 build". I was a bit confused etc. I must say though, that the OpenWrt Wiki is a bit in a state of chaos right now, with some pages labeled as obsolete, etc.

Anyway, I'm gonna try aind's build right now, but I hope it will be put upstream into the official build repo.

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Guys how are you satisfied with how DIR-615 works on OpenWrt? Are you completely satisfied with it? Would you recommend it to a friend or some other model?

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my dlink got burned, I bought a TP-Link TL-WR1043N/ND v1  and I am happy with it.

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I am happy with it, especially considering how little I paid for the DIR-615. Uptime of 274 days now. Was initially meant as a temporary replacement for a WNDR-3700 which I wanted to upgrade, but haven't had time or need to change it back. Had high CPU trouble due to broken ipv6 daemons, but after I disabled everything ipv6 (was not so obvious but that is a OpenWRT UI issue) it has been running cool ever since. I am not an OpenWRT superuser though.