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Topic: calibre - eBook Management - for OpenWrt useable ??


i want to install the program calibre to store my eBooks on my OpenWrt Router/NAS.


calibre wrote:

calibre is a free and open source e-book library management application developed by users of e-books for users of e-books. It has a cornucopia of features divided into the following main categories:

    Library Management
    E-book conversion
    Syncing to e-book reader devices
    Downloading news from the web and converting it into e-book form
    Comprehensive e-book viewer
    Content server for online access to your book collection

is there someone who has tried it? And had Success?

maybe a simple opkg pakage ....
this looks rather big, so a internal hdd or USB Flash with extroot would be necessary for this program.
and storing the eBooks, pdf's etc...

running a headless version and a web interface?


calibre creating from source wrote:

calibre has the following dependencies (the listed version is the minimum version)
Package     Version
python    2.7.1 not 3.x
Python Imaging Library    1.1.6
Qt    4.8.0
PyQt    4.9.1
python-mechanize    0.1.11
ImageMagick    6.5.9
xdg-utils    1.0.2
lxml    2.2.1
python-dateutil    1.4.1
cssutils    0.9.9
BeautifulSoup    3.0.5
dnspython    1.6.0
poppler    0.12.0
podofo    0.8.2
libwmf    0.2.8
chmlib    0.40
ICU    4.4
libmtp    1.1.3
netifaces    0.8
psutil    0.6.1

any information if this would be working with openWRT?

Re: calibre - eBook Management - for OpenWrt useable ??

I am not quite sure what you are asking for:
Somebody to port an already existing headless version with web interface to Openwrt?
Or somebody to create that headless version first? (I haven't even checked but I guess that some of the dependency packages have not even been ported to Openwrt.)

Would you like to connect your e-reader physically to your router's USB port? Or what is your intended usage case?

Re: calibre - eBook Management - for OpenWrt useable ??

i want a software which stores and manages my eBooks on my nas.

and make it available on my Wireless Lan at home.

There are also functionalities to convert the different formats ePub <-> foo <-> pdf <-> some other
or functionalities to grab news from newspaper pages - convert to some pdf-alike -  and sync it with e-reader.

But i want to make it available on my Wireless Lan. Best as Webinterface to read and manage.

and maybe with portforwarding&DynDNS to the outside to connect with my android phone to my eBooks at home.

At the moment i get every week some eBooks as PDF like the "Debian Admin Handbook" etc and others...
And can't manage them, but don't want to put them into a directory and never find them again.

I have found some information regarding calibre on headless debian and ubuntu servers, but it seems they are also using sometimes VNC to manage calibre...

And it would be nice to run this application on my openWrt NAS.

Asking if anyone has thought about this software, and tried to use it on an openWRT device.

I 'don' want to connect my e-reader to my USB Host from my Router...  i want to sync my e-reader using wi-fi with my eBook management software.
storing and managing all the PDF files and digital manuals and handbooks and tutorials and howtos etc ...

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Re: calibre - eBook Management - for OpenWrt useable ??

I investigated this a bit further, after which I deleted my original answer with too hasty conclusions :-(

Calibre has a well-functioning built-in "content server" web interface, which seems to work ok when browsed from my Kindle.

So, the main challenge seems to be porting Calibre's Linux version for Openwrt. Otherwise it might be rather simple, but about half of the packages mentioned on that dependency list are not available in Openwrt. E.g. Calibre GUI is built on Qt, which is not available for Openwrt. However, most of the "missing libraries" are related to GUI, so the server functionality might work without it.

The best sources I found regarding Calibre's headless server functionality were:
http://linuxphilia.blogspot.fi/2012/06/ … on-go.html
http://manual.calibre-ebook.com/faq.htm … nux-server
http://linuxserver2011.wordpress.com/20 … ntu-10-10/

Those make me think that it might be possible to at least test Calibre's content server parts with a smaller set of libraries.

EDIT: Additionally, as most routers are not x86 based, the only installation option is from sources and then cross-compiling, which significantly increases the difficulty of the task due to the missing libraries.

Re: calibre - eBook Management - for OpenWrt useable ??

but still would be nice to use the content server, managed by WebInterface from PC,

and connected with some free Smartphone Apps (Cool Reader, GPLv3) to use the books from the Calibre Content server.

striping out the qt libraries and cross compile only the content-server and web interface parts....

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Re: calibre - eBook Management - for OpenWrt useable ??

This would be really a very interesting combination (OpenWrt + calibre). I thought however about other gain - to fetch the news, convert them and send them to the kindle. This could be managed by the command

ebook-convert /opt/calibre/resources/recipes/foo.recipe bar.mobi,

triggered by Cronjob.  Within calibre you get lots of so called recipes - the ready code snippets written in python to download websites and extract relevant news (like rss, articles from newspapers, blogs postings, weather etc.)


Re: calibre - eBook Management - for OpenWrt useable ??

Yeah, if this were possible, it would be great. Sadly Calibre is fairly monolithic :-(.