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Since Comtrend 5813 isn't supported, I have collected some info and added it to the wiki.

I guess a proper patch for board id 96369R-1231N has to be added in order to support it, but since I have little experience in linux developing I prefer that someone else shares some of his/her wisdom big_smile.


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BTW, i will add some info here:
CFE board ID: 96369R-1231N
are you able access to the CFE web interface?: Yes
do you have access to the router via serial port?: Yes
memory flash-chip model: AM29DL800B

Original Firmware: … 01_R05.bin


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Re: Comtrend CT-5813

Okay, I tried flashing openwrt adding basic support for 96369R-1231N, and here's what I get when cfe tries to load openwrt:

Booting from only image (0xb8010000) ...
Code Address: 0x80010000, Entry Address: 0x80010000
LZMA: Prossible old LZMA format, trying to decompress..
Decompression OK!
Entry at 0x80010000
Closing network.
Disabling Switch ports.
Flushing Receive Buffers...
0 buffers found.
Closing DMA Channels.
Starting program at 0x80010000

and then nothing happens...

Any ideas :$?

(BTW, of course I can restore original firmware, reflashing through cfe web interface).

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BTW, analyzetag output from official firmware:

noltari@skynet:~/test$ ./analyzetag -i WAP-5813n-CFE-P401-402TLF-C01_R05.bin -t bc310
Broadcom image analyzer - v0.1.0
Copyright (C) 2009 Daniel Dickinson
Tag Version: 6
Signature 1: Broadcom Corporatio
Signature 2: ver. 2.0
Chip ID: 6368
Board ID: 96369R-1231N
Bigendian: true
Image size: 00349308, 3445512
CFE Address: bfc00000, 3217031168
CFE Length: 0000e138, 57656
Flash Root Address: bfc10100, 3217096960
Flash Root Length: 002a2000, 2760704
Flash Kernel Address: bfeb2100, 3219857664
Flash Kernel Length: 000991d0, 627152
Vendor information:
Image CRC: 19b0c7db   [Computed Value: 1a031dd0]
Rootfs CRC:             [Computed Value: 2dbddcae]
Image CRC from sections: 19b0c7db   [Computed Value: 1a031dd0]
Header CRC: a43f8808   [Computed Value: a43f8808]
Kernel CRC: a9c2383c   [Computed Value: 65439f5e]
Rootfs CRC: 39b3fca3   [Computed Value: aedcbd2d]

Re: Comtrend CT-5813

Here are two CFE 6368 bootloaders extracted from Comtrend's GPL website.

VR-3031u -> Bootloader v1.0.38-112.37-0 … 2.37-0.bin … 2.37-0.bin … 2.37-0.bin

VR-3022u -> Bootloader v1.0.37-106.17-1 … 6.17-1.bin … 6.17-1.bin … 6.17-1.bin

Both of them support the 96369R-1231N board.

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Hi Noltari, I have been following your progresses with this router since they installed one of those at my house (which worked as hell). I have some knowledge on linux so if I can help please do ask me the only problem being that I won't be able to run anything on the router for some months.

Also seeing your progress with the broadcom chip I can't help but wonder if you have asked Movistar for the sources of the linux distro they seem to be running, because of GPLv2 they are required to provide them and they may provide a nice base to get the switch running properly.