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Topic: vsftpd won't start after reinstalling ("service_start: not found")

Hi again!

As part of my "install something on the usb stick"-project I wanted to test configuration by installing something easy in the mounted directory.
So I uninstalled vsftpd (opkg remove vsftp) and installed it again (opkg --dest usb install vsftpd).
Well it didn't work so I removed it again (opkg --dest usb remove vsftpd) and reinstalled it on the router (opkg install vsftp).

Now the problem is:
When trying to start it with "/etc/init.d/vsftpd start" I get the following error:
"/etc/rc.common: line 82: service_start: not found"

I also tried "opkg --force-overwrite --force-maintainer install vsftpd"

I'am quite helpless without ftp because I don't even know how to have a look at line 82 of that file with only console access ...
Is there any chance of solving this without a completely new installation? :S

I'am using r28601 on a D-Link DIR 825

Re: vsftpd won't start after reinstalling ("service_start: not found")

The vsftpd package is too new for your installed system. If you previously installed a snapshot you need to update it.