Topic: 64 bit counter support in SNMP (TL-WR1043ND)


I'm setting up SNMP monitoring to monitor my OpenWRT box. But to my surprise i cannot get ifHCInOctets etc. There seems to be no support for Counter64 at all sad

I'm running Backfire (10.03, r20728) with package snmpd-static (

Is this a hardware limitation or should I file a bug for the snmpd-static package maintainer?

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Re: 64 bit counter support in SNMP (TL-WR1043ND)

You need to edit feeds/packages/net/net-snmp/Makefile according to the patch I posted here

For me it wasn't enough to rebuild and opkg install the new snmp package, I had to build and install the whole kernel/system. But it was worth it (:

Re: 64 bit counter support in SNMP (TL-WR1043ND)

Hmm, care to write a little HowTo:

This isn't really the trick:

If want to write a HowTo please use the

If not, some links to already existing HowTo would suffice. Also, add a Link to this thread, so people know, they have to patch.

Re: 64 bit counter support in SNMP (TL-WR1043ND)

Changed the Wiki a bit. But I'm not all into this building of own firmwarez. Isn't this just something the package maintainer should take care of in his package?

Re: 64 bit counter support in SNMP (TL-WR1043ND)

Well.... thank you, but what I meant was a more complete howto. You know, like in the

Most (new) users probably have one PC with some GNU/Linux distribution on it, if any. A router with OpenWrt would be their first "second device" which runs 24/7. I would never run a PC 24/7 just for fun. It wastes energy (and money). My OpenWrt-Router (and my new Dockstar ;-)) are my very first devices I run 24/7.

So there is no experience with snmp, because until now there was no possibility or reason for such. The same is true for a dhcpd, a timeserver, DNS-stuff, webserver, etc.
It would be already helpful to provide one or two links to an already existing HowTo. I mean, even if you read the related wikipedia article, I often do bother to link to it, you don't gain much knowledge, as most articles are, IMHO, shit. You don't get a good understanding, and you still need a howto anyway. There should already be a dozen good howtos, I just don't find them using google. And why waste time searching?

But well, if you see no point in writing a howto,  there is no point in bothering with it. I didn't mean to recruit you, I just thought to mention the wiki. There is one, it is active, and I suggested some articles to be written. Contributors welcome.

Re: 64 bit counter support in SNMP (TL-WR1043ND)

Orca, I understand. But I just edited the Wiki to link to this thread. If I find the time to patch and build my own solution I'll update the wiki with a Howto. Still, I hope duvi can copy-paste some of his knowledge so I don't have to reinvent the wheel. My time is not in abundance a.t.m…