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So I always thought that maybe I could get all my loose hardware running, but after just trying tonight on 4 WGT634Us with Backfire 10.03, I finally give up. They were fun to play with in college, but that was 2 years ago and I've got to get them out of my house.

Take all or take none. $20 if you come get it, $50 shipped anywhere in the US, $80 for Canada/Mexico, $100 for Europe

4x Netgear WGT634U (all bad to unknown condition) (w/4 power supplies)
1x WRT54G v6 (unknown) (w/power supply)
1x ZyXEL X-550 (unknown) (no power supply, but takes a Fonera one just fine)
2.5x Fonera FON2100A/B/C (unknown) (w/3 power supplies)
1x Fonera FON2200 (unknown) (w/power supply)
2x Nokia DKU-5 usb to serial cables (1 set up for WGT634U, 1 for Fonera)
1x Netgear PS121 USB->Ethernet print server (w/power supply and disc)
1x WRE54G Range expander (this is probably worth the most, easy resale for $20)

Shipping details: 13 lbs; 11"x11"x9" from 77379, USA

Add 2 broken iPods (v3 and v4?) for $10.

I have a garage sale in the morning, but so I'll update this if anyone actually buys anything.

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