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As a newcomer I am reading the documentation and beginner primers but I have a couple quick questions.

I have a Netgear R8000 wifi router and I'm wondering what kind of performance improvements can I  expect to see if I move the firmware to OpenWRT?

In short, how is the OpenWRT better than the factory firmware in so far as throughput and security?

Re: OpenWRT benefits

You should NOT switch to OpenWRT for performance only.

I'm a newcomer too with openwrt but not with open source drivers/softwares. Open source drivers/softwares maintainers do the best to provide state of the art peace of code. But saying it will be better than proprietary drivers/softwares is very random at least ;p

So OpenWRT gives you features but (maybe) not performance.

And before flashing your device to test it by yourself you should carefully consider how to restore the proprietary firmware...

Re: OpenWRT benefits

Thanks for the heads up.