Topic: Installing openwrt on Netgear... D1500? N300??

Hi, I have a Netgear router that I suppose it's model number is D1500 (it's what the bottom of the router says), but the box also says it's model number is N300. Being that confusing enough, neither of them seems to appear on the "Table of Hardware", so I don't know if any of them is the correct model number or if there is another (correct) number hiding somewhere. The fact is that this router lacks pretty basic capabilities, like DHCP reservations and functional (it's on the web interface but it doesn't work) port forwarding. So I thought installing a custom firmware like OpenWrt would be a good idea to improve it, but since I'm not able to even find the correct model number, I don't  know how. Any help about what should I search/read to install OpenWrt on my router?

Re: Installing openwrt on Netgear... D1500? N300??

It is this device, right?  It is a combination DSL modem and router.

There seems to have been very little hacking done on that model.   Wikidevi doesn't even list it. 

Port forwarding can never work if your ISP blocks incoming connections, as some do.

Re: Installing openwrt on Netgear... D1500? N300??

Yeah, that one. I couldn't find it anywhere, so I suppose that yes, almost no hacking must have been done, haha.
Then I'm out of options? How can I know if port problems are the ISP or router fault?