Topic: Download Speeds

Hi all,

Now that the Netgear R6250 is up and running (it should replace a DIR-615), I still got a few issues: speed, esp. download speeds are much lower than with the OEM DIR-615.
All from on a max 50Mbps connection (well that's probably meant to be right at the VM Superhub).

R6250 (OpenWRT)
WLAN: down=10.96/2.51, up=2.79/3.15 (2 results)
LAN: 22.59, up=3.11 (best of three)

DIR-615 (OEM):
WLAN: down=16.71/26.28, up=3.12/3.16 (2 results)
LAN: down=30.66, up=3.12 (best of three)

While upload speeds are somehow consistent, download really varies and is lower on the new Netgear, esp via WiFi. There is a significant difference between WifI and LAN on both. But the Netgear seems to be a bit slower over all.
I don't think it's the hardware. So trying the settings:
Channels are set to "auto", max range is set to 30m.
Anything else one could consider...? Or anyone with any similar experiences?


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