Topic: dynamic vlan assignment by MAC address


is it possible to assign clients to different vlans based on their MAC address?

I have extended my LAN via another switch where i have 7 clients, but i would like to put them in different vlans. so they are not connected directly to my openwrt router. the additional switch is connected to just one port on my openwrt router.
Furthermore I could connect them to any port I want and they would always be dynamically assigned to the same vlan based on their MAC which is nice.

Any ideas / solutions?


Re: dynamic vlan assignment by MAC address

If you have a "managed" switch, you should be able to configure VLANs on the switch, and connect them to the VLANs on the router, even if there is just one cable from the router to the switch. If you do not have a managed switch, then all clients must be configured to use VLANs, or the switch will merge all traffic, and things get very complicated.