Topic: Installing TP-Link with OpenWRT

Hello everyone,

I have had some issues with connectivity and bufferbloat on my Hitron Technologies modem-router, and would like to fix it by attaching a TP-Link router and installing OpenWRT for SQM features. I have not decided entirely on the router I will buy (although it will likely be the TL-WR841N), but I wanted to ask a couple questions to you lovely folk before I begin.

1. Just to be sure, do you think adding the TP-Link router with OpenWRT/SQM to my Hitron modem-router will help with bufferbloat? There is conflicting information on the interwebs.

2. Do you have some ideas on the general process necessary to accomplish this installation? Here is my understanding:

- Install the router on the neetwork normally (as suggested in the guide from TP-Link)
- Ensure the internet is working
- Now turn off the WiFi and connect via ethernet
- Follow the device-speicific steps for installing OpenWRT (according to the OpenWRT website)
- Install SQM according to the OpenWRT website

Is this the correct sequence of events? Also, because I am attaching the TP-Link to a modem that also transmits a wifi signal, do I need to somehow disable that signal coming from the Hitron so it instead is routed through the router? Or does this happen autmoatically?

Thank you for your help!