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Topic: CONFIG_B43_FW_6_30 and BCM43xx support

Hi! I have an ASUS RT-AC56U router which contains Broadcom BCM4352 chip for 802.11ac. According to the wiki, the ac part is not supported by openwrt. From what I got, it is due to the fact, that currently 5.x version of wl package is  used by openwrt. I discovered that there is an experimental "CONFIG_B43_FW_6_30" option, which appears sometimes in configs sometimes. According to debian wiki, it supports the BCM4352 chip.

Is it possible that activating FW_6_30 would enable the 802.11ac/an on RT-AC56U? How to check that?

Re: CONFIG_B43_FW_6_30 and BCM43xx support

Any updates?