Topic: Problem redirecting ports from modem to router

Hi all,

I've spend some weekends to get along with my first OpenWRT router TP-LINK TL-WR841N v8.4c behind a D-Link DSL-321B modem.

To access my modem I've set modem IP to 192.168._0_.1.
Router LAN has default IP 192.168._1_.1.

In addition to default settings I've just set up dynamic DNS support (works), fixed IPs for my home clients/server and Port Forwarding for Nginx running on my home server (80, 443).

Problem: requesting opens my modem configuration menu instead the Nginx page on the server.

What I've tried:

1. Set router IP ( in modem configuration as "DMZ" (which means "exposed host" according to modem info).
2. Forwarding whole port range from modem to router.

To confirm: Modem firewall is _dis_abled.

Question: to be honest I don't understand the concept of OpenWRT interfaces yet. Do I need to forward the incomfing traffic on WAN interface to LAN interface separately?

Thx a lot, OpenWRT is awesome!

Re: Problem redirecting ports from modem to router

I guess you are trying to access "" from inside your network. Even if "" points to the public IP on the modem, when the modem sees the incoming connection from the internal interface, the modem redirects that connection to the web server on the modem; to redirect the connection to the DMZ device (your router), the connection must reach the modem on the external interface.

First of all, I would try to make the connection from outside your network, to validate my guess; if that works, then there are a couple of alternatives you can try:
* Configure DNAT on the router, so connections to the external IP address are redirected to the IP address of the internal server.
* Configure DNSMASQ on the router, so requests for "" are answered with the IP address for the internal server.