Topic: luci to reshare wifi on a GL-AR150

I'm having a bear of a time getting my GL-AR150 in a config where I can reshare hotel wifi in my room to multiple devices. I know the hardware supports it because the GL-AR150 comes with a chinese openwrt on it when purchased that does it. I just trust the chinese firmware to be in control of only me.

But I have OpenWRT Chaos Calmer 15.05 installed and the latest luci and I can't figure out how to get it to reshare the wifi. Everything I have tried kills the AP once I fire up the client mode. Everything I have searched says it only works with broadcom, but obviously the default GL-AR150 has it working.

Re: luci to reshare wifi on a GL-AR150

I have had an AR150 for some time and would suggest that you take advantage of the latest GLI firmware as it has a "STAtion" manager tool which is really important when you use it in different locations.  If you are not aware, there are issues with OpenWrt being able to access the WLAN when the configured WWAN is not available.  Known issue.  Search for travelmate.

That said, you are not clear on how you have configured the device.  You should post links (for a new user change the first character of the URL) so we have a clue what your doing.  I think you are referring to one of these links … modeissues 

You should be able to use a newly flashed image with no modifications.  Treat your hotel as an ISP.  Technically you may double NAT, but it' is what it is.  If you put yourself on the same subnet as the hotel (relayd,etc) you have no security.  You will need to create a new WWAN (STAtion) to connect to the hotel SSID (uncheck the box at the top of the page or it will delete your WLAN) or use the cable (it's faster and hotels are pretty poor speed wise

Another issue you may encounter is the hotels splash page or login.  Once you connect, do NOT expect that opening a browser on your device will spawn the login, and NO you are not just lucky and skipping it.  Enter the appropriate URL and authenticate (I save the URL as a short cut).  I have found that sometimes I get short leases.  It's not a seamless process and varies from hotel to hotel.

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