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Topic: Help with router in brazil

Hi everyone, I will try to explain in the best way and with my best English, I have a router that my ISP gave me, which is horrible, I already know how to bypass it, but, it has the phone that is done over the internet, I would just like to leave it to manage the phone, the problem is that this router has no configuration option, and only accepts PPPoE connections, I would like to know if it is possible to have openwrt provide the PPPoE connection it requires,

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Re: Help with router in brazil

this is the only option possible

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Re: Help with router in brazil

Hi porcomaster,

I'm from Brazil too. Please clarify a couple of things:

The equipment the ISP has supplied is just an ethernet router or it is some kind of modem with integrated router ?

What is the upstream port of this device ? simple ethernet port, fiber, TV cable, xDSL phone line, simcard slot ?

How did you bypass it ?

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Re: Help with router in brazil

Hi AndreL , how are you ? ,

thanks in advance for any help ,

it's just the router , it's the MitraStar HGW-2501GNP-NV , i can bypass it , but cannot use it to manage FXS ,

the full configuration is Fiber Modem ->RJ45-> MitraStar Router  -> Fxs (normal phone cable)
-> Phone

i already bypass it in another 3 adress , just use switch to put openwrt in vlan10 , and configure it to receive PPPoE , as it was a isp router .

normally on isp VIVO router's , we use , to acess advanced configuration, but do not work on this router.

this is behind it , http://imgur.com/a/gz1Gn

Re: Help with router in brazil

Hi porcomaster,

It is possible to run a PPPoE server on OpenWrt. You would have to manually download and install the rp-pppoe-server package for your platform from the oldpackages of Barrier Breaker 14.07.


But I'm afraid putting the ISP router behind OpenWrt will be the hard way, while the easy way would be to put the OpenWrt router behing the ISP router.

Re: Help with router in brazil

thank you again , i will see if 1900ACS has 14.07 , problem is, this router fails 3-5 times a day , it works with 300 Mbps full time ,it does not handle this flow , if i put it behind router it will have same problem , and it's a company enviroment , 1 fail a day is too much .

Re: Help with router in brazil

If the ISP and fiber modem are using different VLANs for regular Internet vs. VoIP, you can connect an OpenWrt router directly to the fiber modem.  Then set the switch in the OpenWrt router to switch VOIP packets out another cable over to the MiraStar, which will then do nothing but phone calls.

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Re: Help with router in brazil

Mk24 , this is a great idea , but i don't know how to do that 0.o , i know a lot of some stuffs , and about nothing in others , do you have a phrase to search for ? , like "switch voip openwrt" , or "openwrt direct connection "  , i don't really know what to look for , any direction guide will help me a lot .

thanks in advance

Re: Help with router in brazil

If you know the VLAN numbers involved you would just go to the switch configuration page to set it up.

In the US a fiber to the premises connection is called FIOS.  It's a two or 3 part system:
Fiber modem + phone ATA (called the ONT, Optical Network Terminal)
Wifi / wired ethernet router for internet connection
TV converter box(es) if subscribed to TV

There are lots of descriptions of how to replace the phone company supplied router by running VLANs on an ethernet connection to the ONT.  But FIOS has the phone ATA in the same box as the fiber modem so not quite the same thing.

Re: Help with router in brazil

mk24 thank you again , i start to understand it, another way that i would like to do is, use one pair of a RJ-45 to connect the phone , that would also be possible ? or not ?

Re: Help with router in brazil

You really need to know how that company's particular system works first.

As the name suggests, PPP is point to point.  A PPP modem requires one device (a router) to be the destination for all traffic.  If they use VLANs with separate PPP for phone and internet, then it could work to have both boxes connected to the fiber modem, since they would be using separate VLANs each with an independent PPP connection.  But if the provided router is sharing both IP phone and regular internet over one PPP link, you would not be able to split them.

Re: Help with router in brazil

would a unmanaged switch work for this task  ? , before both router's , or this is crazy talk ?

Re: Help with router in brazil

It will work if it is using VLANs, since VLAN traffic will generally go through an unmanaged switch unchanged, and remain tagged.

If it is not using VLANs, it will not work since two devices will be contending for the same pppoe socket.

It is worth trying though.

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thanks , i have a 24 ports 10/100/1000 switch here , i will try it out , if it work's i could just send package direct to isp router trough OpenWRT , or not ?

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Hi Porcomaster,
Have you found the solution for this problem? I'm trying the same, but until now I havn't understood how the MitraStar HGW-2501GNP-NV is configured. I tryed to connect the openwrt directly to the Fiber modem and configured it for PPPoE with user cliente@cliente with no success. I saw anything about PPP (not PPPoE) on the MitraStar HGW-2501GNP-NV but as I tryed it on OpenWRT, there is an "Modem" parameter that I could not discover what option is the right.