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Re: An introduction to Buildroot-ng

Orca wrote:

A simple "make" should suffice. This will compile the toolchain, and the toolchain will then crosscompile the sources into binaries. Then packages will be built. And then the firmware will be built out of the packages. So, as long as you do not already have a current toolchain, let him compile one.



I know that a simple make is enough, but before in the configuration menu, in menuconfig, you can set this 3 options, and I am not sure, what is the aim of them, which actually I need.

So I am incurious, because i want to upload remotely my firmware to my router, so before I do that, I should modify the firewall option, if I would later access it via ssh.

Maybe somebody has experience?

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Re: An introduction to Buildroot-ng

- build OpenWRT Image = this is what you want.
- build OpenWRT SDK   = you do not need that. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/SDK
- build OpenWRT Toolchain  = you do not need that either