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Topic: kmod-rtc-ds1307 missing from 15.05 & trunk for ar71xx

This module for working with i2c and installing a <$1 real time clock are not in the 15.05 packages for ar71xx. kmod-rtc-ds1307 is present for kirkwood, and i2c-tools is in BB.

These i2c packages are useful for hardware-modified WR703Ns, domino/ios, and gl.inets, and other ar71xx devices with available gpios.

How can this and other i2c device packages be added to trunk so they will be available in the future?

i2c-tools is also not in CC (though it's back in trunk). It was available in 14.07, and I was able to install it in CC (and have it work--i2cdetect) with the following:

opkg install http://downloads.openwrt.org/barrier_br … ar71xx.ipk

opkg install http://downloads.openwrt.org/barrier_br … ar71xx.ipk

Re: kmod-rtc-ds1307 missing from 15.05 & trunk for ar71xx

I'm currently manually compiling a image because package "kmod-rtc-ds1307" is nowhere to be found in both Lede and OpenWrt packages.

Should this be reported as a bug?