Topic: samba doesnt start

strange behavoir: i set up my asus500 with the latest whiterussian, installed samba again but now i cant start it.
it worked before but now the processes are deleted imediately.
whats gone wrong? i used the samba-howto...

any suggestions?

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Re: samba doesnt start

Try adding your router's name and ip in /etc/hosts . I had the same problem and found this answer in another thread, worked for me.

Re: samba doesnt start

great job!!!
thanks for the answer!!!

Re: samba doesnt start

love you for this tipp!!!

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Re: samba doesnt start

Added host bust still cant ping it.

/etc/hosts content localhost mr7

root@OpenWrt:~# /etc/init.d/network restart
udhcpc (v1.4.2) started
Sending discover...
Sending select for
Lease of obtained, lease time 86400
adding router
deleting old routes
adding dns
adding dns