Topic: /etc/config/dhcp support for IPv6


as far as I can tell, the dnsmasq configuration in /etc/config/dhcp does not support IPv6 very well.
Right now I use /etc/dnsmasq.conf for those options. But it would be nice to be able to moce them
into the uci configuration file (/etc/config/dhcp).

Instead of this section for IPv4:

config 'dhcp' 'lan'
        option 'interface' 'lan'
        option 'start' '62'
        option 'limit' '192'
        option 'leasetime' '600h'

.. we would need something like this for IPv6:

config 'dhcp' 'lan'
        option 'interface' 'lan'
        option 'start-addr' 'fdef:11a0:ffb1:'
        list 'mode' 'ra-names'
        list ''mode' 'slaac'
        option 'prefix-len' '64'
        option 'leasetime' '2h'

The changes to /etc/init.d/dnsmasq are not hard to do.
So my questions is:
- would such an addtion be welcomed?
- why does the init script use start/limit instead of start-addr/end-addr like dnsmasq does?