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Topic: KadNode: A P2P DNS solution

KadNode is a distributed P2P solution build around a Kademila DHT implementation.
It's simple, small and provides only the basic features at it's core.

You can install KadNode on your laptop, router and at least another computer
and then resolve myname.p2p in the browser on your laptop to access your router
even when the ip address of your router changes often.
The more nodes the better. :-)

* OpenWrt and Debian packages: https://sourceforge.net/projects/kadnode/files/
* Kademlia DHT (as used in Transmission)
* IPv4 and IPv6 support
* multicast bootstrapping for LAN
* Name Service Switch (NSS) support through /etc/nsswitch.conf (useful for Debian)
* buldin simplistic DNS server (useful as an upstream server for dnsmasq)
* an interactive console to inspect the state of the DHT and issue queries from scripts (kadnode-ctl <command>)
* the Debian init script stores good nodes at shutdown and loads them at startup
* web server query interface

Sources: https://github.com/mwarning/kadnode

Please keep in mind that this is a 0.1 release. :-)

Feel free to ask questions!

Note: I discovered a servere bug that affects the debian package. The new 0.2 release fixes it.

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Re: KadNode: A P2P DNS solution

Time for a new KadNode release:


Very quick howto: Install on two nodes, set an identifier for one or both nodes, try ping "<identifier_node1>.p2p".

Bugfixes and more. Join the swarm. :-)

Re: KadNode: A P2P DNS solution

And another release...

KadNode v0.5 now includes an authentication (public/secret key) extension and should be easier to use.


Have fun! :-)