Topic: Wireless dropping/failing on AttitudeAdjustment 12rc2

Hey all,

I have a TP-WR1043ND router and Ive installed openwrt 12.09rc2. The main problem Im seeing is that after a while (1-4hrs) the wireless stops working. On the Luci interface it comes up as "active" but no bars..  If I stop/start the interface then it works again for a couple of hours..

initially I thought it might have been a setting of mine, but I've also tried Gargoyle router (1.5.7) which is based on openWrt 12.09 and it has the same problem so that points to a openwrt issue..

Has anyone else seen this? or can recommend how we can collectively diagnose it?


Re: Wireless dropping/failing on AttitudeAdjustment 12rc2

Firmware 1.8? Looks like a known hardware problem sad

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Re: Wireless dropping/failing on AttitudeAdjustment 12rc2

yup firmware 1.8 and yup looks spot on...


Is it the same problem with backfire? im guessing yes...