Topic: Hame A15 openwrt firmware

Hello everyone,

Is there any working openwrt firmware for Hame A15
I did search and it seems it openwrt is working partly unless i missed something.

Or is there any other small USB flash drive size router as long as it has USB port working with Openwrt?


Re: Hame A15 openwrt firmware

HAME MPR-A1 - Small and cheap router with built-in battery

Re: Hame A15 openwrt firmware

Is there anyone who has successfully installed OPENWRT firmware on HAME A15 (

According to this page ( it seems that the install procedure is the same as Hame MPR-A1 ( Does it mean that it is possible to install the same firmware of MPR-A1?

Re: Hame A15 openwrt firmware

Noone? sad