Topic: Adding OpenWrt support for Asus EA-N66

Just set up an EA-N66 at home; it’s a selectable 802.11abgn 3T3R + 1Gb Ethernet device with decent antennae and a fast SoC/CPU.

It seems like a great candidate for OpenWrt support:

  • Very similar to the Asus RT-N56U - can even boot the RT-N56U OpenWrt build

  • Single Gigabit Ethernet interface (RTL8211E) - no switch chip init needed

  • TTL serial connector pins provided and labelled

  • Telnet console access to root user busybox

  • GPL sources available

I opened it up and photographed the PCBs; so here’s some information to kick off work to get OpenWrt on this device:

I have the device and some tools available (USB TTL serial dongle, OS X terminal, Debian VM), and would love to help in any way possible, short of donating one unit (they’re expensive, more expensive than most 802.11abgn routers).

The Asus firmware isn’t as bad as the NewEgg reviews paint it - it’s just that the EA-N66 runs DHCP+DNS and intercepts Ethernet traffic in AP/repeater mode if it can’t get an upstream network, which can be quite disconcerting.

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Re: Adding OpenWrt support for Asus EA-N66

Hi ndoo, I don't think OpenWrt will support for Asus EA-N66.
As you know, Openwrt do support RT-N56U, but actually the wireless never works with OpenWRT firware. If you want to flash this firware, you will lose your wireless founction. Since Ralink never release drivers for RT3883 chips, it it impossible to fully support this router.
Check this link about the mentioned bug:

Re: Adding OpenWrt support for Asus EA-N66

The Asus firmware seems to be using a RT2860v2 kernel module for RT3883 WiFi according to lsmod.

Anyway, it would be nice to at least have OpenWrt boot on it then figure out the WiFi.

Re: Adding OpenWrt support for Asus EA-N66

So, can anyone tell me if loading the current firmware (at the link below) results in a functional and configurable router?