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Topic: Support for Speedport W 504V (ARV8539PW)

I've posted some info about the T-Home Speedport W 504V router on the wiki:
Similar devices support OpenWRT, so maybe it's also possible for this one? At least, the router has some fine hardware: VOIP-Support, USB-Port, DECT, 300Mbits-Wifi, etc.

What are further steps to test OpenWRT for it? If someone is interested in the hardware, I would also ship it to a developer.

Re: Support for Speedport W 504V (ARV8539PW)

Unfortunately, I bricked this router while trying to flash a u-boot version. Now I need to locate the correct resistors to enable UART mode (like someone did here https://forum.openwrt.org/viewtopic.php?pid=167513#p167513).
I added some pictores of the board to the wiki: http://wiki.openwrt.org/toh/t-com/spw504v

Re: Support for Speedport W 504V (ARV8539PW)

I have this router and hate the webinterface of it because you can't configure more than your Wifi Password.
I've been searching very long and the only thing I found about flashing it was this.

Did it work for anyone here? I don't want to try it until I know that it works, because I've never flashed a router bevore.

Re: Support for Speedport W 504V (ARV8539PW)


I've added (unofficial) support for the Speedport W 504V. However, in order to flash it, one has to open the device and attach a serial console.

You have to replace the bootloader with u-boot and then flash OpenWrt.
I've added some instructions and download links to the wiki article:

So far, things look good. I'd be glad for some feedback.

I'm planing to submit the final patches and create a detailed HowTo video with installation instructions in the comming weeks.