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Topic: Support for Speedport W 504V (ARV8539PW)

I've posted some info about the T-Home Speedport W 504V router on the wiki:
Similar devices support OpenWRT, so maybe it's also possible for this one? At least, the router has some fine hardware: VOIP-Support, USB-Port, DECT, 300Mbits-Wifi, etc.

What are further steps to test OpenWRT for it? If someone is interested in the hardware, I would also ship it to a developer.

Re: Support for Speedport W 504V (ARV8539PW)

Unfortunately, I bricked this router while trying to flash a u-boot version. Now I need to locate the correct resistors to enable UART mode (like someone did here https://forum.openwrt.org/viewtopic.php … #p167513).
I added some pictores of the board to the wiki: http://wiki.openwrt.org/toh/t-com/spw504v

Re: Support for Speedport W 504V (ARV8539PW)

I have this router and hate the webinterface of it because you can't configure more than your Wifi Password.
I've been searching very long and the only thing I found about flashing it was this.

Did it work for anyone here? I don't want to try it until I know that it works, because I've never flashed a router bevore.

Re: Support for Speedport W 504V (ARV8539PW)


I've added (unofficial) support for the Speedport W 504V. However, in order to flash it, one has to open the device and attach a serial console.

You have to replace the bootloader with u-boot and then flash OpenWrt.
I've added some instructions and download links to the wiki article:

So far, things look good. I'd be glad for some feedback.

I'm planing to submit the final patches and create a detailed HowTo video with installation instructions in the comming weeks.

Re: Support for Speedport W 504V (ARV8539PW)

Hi. pinjiz

Excellent work. Thanks a lot.

I am following the instructions I flashed my Speedport W 504V from windows 8.1. USB to serial converter (PL2303), putty extra and his x modem well completed the task. After a reboot everything works well, lan port, wi fi, luci… Especially I tested continuously for 15 days in acsess point and client bridge (repeater) mode. I did not notice any problem or need to reboot. Router is working very stable. The test is repeated in both band 2.4/5 GHz and I observed a slightly weaker signal at 5 GHz. But It is in accordance with IEEE recommendation.

I have not tested the ADSL connection.

Finally, I reopened my router and I soldered directly to pcb,  two pigtail cable with external RP SMA connector. Signal is much stronger and increased overall throughput.  Excellent properties for LNA/PA chip SiGe 2593 –A20.  Also I noticed inside that is hot pin of internal U. FL connectors interrupted toward rest of pcb.

This flash has breathed new life into my not so old router.


Re: Support for Speedport W 504V (ARV8539PW)

I will try to install openwrt on a sp w 504v also, but I am wondering, if either the instructions or the flash layout by the bootloader of the wiki is slightly wrong?

In the instructions to flash is said we want to

erase B0040000 B07EFFFF

In the layout  is said, that area 0, 1 and 4 shouldn't be messed up. Area 1 is from B0030000 to B0070000. So this overlaps with the erase command.

Is this correct? Am I missing something? Or should I just

erase B0070000 B07EFFFF


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Re: Support for Speedport W 504V (ARV8539PW)

Hi! I am completely new to this forum and the whole OpenWrt thing.

I want to try to flash OpenWrt on my W 504V (Typ A) because I got finally fed up with the official firmware. But I am a bit hesistant.
I want to be sure that telephony works.

Some questions:

  • Is telephony supported (has anyone tested it)?

  • Assuming I would flash the firmware correctly, but then I notice that telephony does NOT work, is there any way I can revert to the official firmware? And how? I have an image.

  • (insert xy's question here)

For the final question, here's a quote from the wiki:

Once the image is uploaded, we can write it to the flash chip.
# cp.b 0x81000000 0xB0040000 440004

I don't know how minicom works, but are you sure the final number does NOT need a “0x” before it? I watched the video, here the number was directly copied from the console, but the original number had a leading “0x”. But apparently it seemed to work in the end but something doesn't seem right. Or maybe it's just me.

Re: Support for Speedport W 504V (ARV8539PW)

Hi pinjiz,
Thank you for the great work!
I have flashed the router according to your instructions – it works well.
To get newer packages I have updated the image via web interface, which works fine as well!
Image: openwrt-lantiq-xway-ARV8539PW22-squashfs.image
from  io.pinterjann.is/public/openwrt/spw504v/OpenWrt-Images/

However the image uses almost all of the 4MiB Flash Block. The router has 8MiB of Flash, how can I use the remaining 4MiB of flash?

Do I have to format the other Flash block and add it via overlay or is it possible to erase both blocks and to create one big block (~8Mib)?