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Topic: Restorefactory on a TP-Link MR3420

Hi everybody!

I've just flashed my TP-Link MR3420 hardware v1.0 with the precompiled OpenWrt trunk r32130 (no web interface, installed luci after flashing via opkg) as stated in the wiki. Now I just recalled that on my TP-Link WR703n, which I flashed after this step-by-step guide, the restorefactory got installed too. I didn't find a clear statement about what the restorefactory in fact does (from this wiki post I assume it adds the "default" reset button capability that a normal user would assume to the reset button).

Now my question is: for my TP-Link MR3420, the wiki seems to say that the failsafe mode does not work by any means. Do I get that correctly? What does this mean in detail - what am I not able to do in case I mess up my device, e.g. by configuring it wrong or filling up the complete disk space? Is it advised to install restorefactory, and what will it bring for my device?

Just want to understand more than I currently do smile


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