Topic: Error in wiki / help requested with Siemens SX762

Hi everybody,

I've bought a Siemens Gigaset SX762, because it should be compatible with OpenWRT as long as the serial looks like S30852-S70x-xxxx, according to the wiki page for the device:

Mine has serial S30852-S707-M121-2.. However, when I check the status -> device page, I see the following:

Firmware version:  
Bootcode version:            Primary:     Secondary:
Configuration file version:  286055-01-NDL-Retail_28_S1
ADSL driver version:
Wireless driver version:
User interface version:      16.01.2009
Hardware version:            Q709-R221
Serial number:               0001E38F1E28

It is running the 2.x firmware, that corresponds to some amazon SoC, instead of the 4.x firmware it should be running according to the wiki. Also, when checking some debug logs, I found the following:

Jan  1 01:10:38 War <EVENT> kernel: drv_amazon:FIO_AMAZON_INIT
Jan  1 01:10:38 War <EVENT> kernel: Board_InitPlatform!
Jan  1 01:10:38 War <EVENT> kernel: SPI_Init!
Jan  1 01:10:38 War <EVENT> kernel: Board_InitIrq!
Jan  1 01:10:38 War <EVENT> kernel: init finished!
Jan  1 01:10:38 War <EVENT> kernel: drv_amazon:reset deactivated!

Is this true? Did I buy a device with the wrong SoC or is there something I miss? And more importantly, is there any way for me to run OpenWRT or another custom firmware? I really hope to find some solution, for I was really looking forward to modding this thing :'(

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Re: Error in wiki / help requested with Siemens SX762

Yeah, you got the wrong device. In principle there's no reason why OpenWrt wouldn't run on Amazon as well. After all, there is code in OpenWrt source related to EASY50601 evaluation kit, based on Amazon. However, few people are interested in it, so you would be on your own.

Re: Error in wiki / help requested with Siemens SX762

Ok snk, thanks for your reply. The code you referred to, is about the PSB50601 chip. In my device I find a 50505. On the internet i don't seem to find any more information about this chip, do  you think code for the 50601 will be compatible with the 50505? I'd like to give it a try and get it running anyway smile

Re: Error in wiki / help requested with Siemens SX762

Any news about Amazon SE support?

I have modem ZTE ZXV10H108L, it is based on Lantiq PSB50601HL processor.
Preinstalled boot loader is U-Boot 1.1.5-2.2 (Jun 7 2011 - 19:16:57) but it does not support tftp, httpd, loadb so i can't load openwrt with it.
Openwrt itselft doest not contain any uboot for infeneon amazon se. I connected serial connector to modem and has u-boot menu available but do not know how to proceed with openwrt installation. any ideas, please?

Re: Error in wiki / help requested with Siemens SX762

I've got 2 sx762's here, an AnnexB, S30852-S709-M121-11, running an Amazon, and an AnnexA, S30852-S705-M321-6, running a Danube. At the outside I can see one striking difference, the Danube has a button between the USB port and the LAN ports, marked with a 'wireless' symbol and the text 'scan', while the Amazon hasn't.
On one of the photographs in the wiki you can see this button as well, so I wondered if this could be a way to distinguish  the boxes.