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Topic: Geo location database

I've been playing around with a geo-location database.  I have a camera mounted on our travel van.  Periodically, it takes pictures of where we are.  I've written (OK, mostly re-written) various code I've found to tag the pics with location, lat/lon, date, time, direction, speed, and outside temp.

The temp code is written for the TEMPer1 and TEMPer2 usb sensors available from http://www.pcsensor.com .  The makefile is for Openwrt.

To get the geo-location working, you need to download the data from here:


There is a parse utility that will create the sql database.  Feed that to sqlite3.  I ended up using rtrees so make sure your sqlite is built with rtree support.

Anyway, for what it's worth, the tarball is at http://www.seiner.com/cz/locate.tar.bz2 .  It's not quite plug and play; you probably need to adapt it to your application.  It depends on fswebcam to actually take the picture and label it.

It's a fun project.  I'd appreciate patches and such but I suspect it's too specialized to really be a "project".