Topic: Initial support for Tenda W300A (Ralink RT2880 based AP)

I have put together first openwrt version for Tenda W300A AP (also set up wiki page -

The patch is available at (sorry, do not know whether it is possible/how to post it directly here).
The use is pretty straightforward:

svn co svn://
  (in my case r31059)

cd trunk

patch --dry-run -p 0 < tenda_w300a.patch
  (check that it still applies "reasonably")

patch -p 0 < tenda_w300a.patch

make menuconfig


Now for the bad news:
- the lan LED has swapped colors (green for 10/100M, orange for 1G; original FW had it the other way). I believe it is directly connected to the Vitesse MAC and do not know how to fix it.
- Wifi LED is inverse (on when wifi disabled). Again not sure whether controlled by the standard GPIO of RT2880 (was not able to find it and it turns on/off without any SW setting, only inverse)
- not sure whether the Reset button is working (used GPIO # based on the orig FW log)
- few NOTICE lines in the log when enabled wifi logging (not my fault and pretty harmless, not sure what check to add to detect it is not rt305x but the default return is false which is correct here :-)):
     [  126.570000] phy0 -> rt2800_is_305x_soc: Notice - Unknown RF chipset on rt305x
- have not flashed "real image", only tested via TFTP directly to RAM (initramfs).

Would be great if someone could check it and/or would make use of it. I am not sure whether I will have time to continue to work on it.

Re: Initial support for Tenda W300A (Ralink RT2880 based AP)

Patch cleaned up and will submit the official way once got the clearance (got rejected for now, probably takes time to process the subscription :-)). The old version removed.

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Re: Initial support for Tenda W300A (Ralink RT2880 based AP)


I have borrowed your patch and am in the process of using it as the basis for testing the W306R by Tenda. The W306R seams very similar to others by Tenda and hope to improve the code for these in general.

Thank you tmtom for sharing your work so far.


Re: Initial support for Tenda W300A (Ralink RT2880 based AP)

Patch submitted, wiki page updated.

I think you should you should be able to get W306R working - from the wiki seems to be "more standard" than W300A (the main problem for me was around the Vitesse PHY which is not applicable for you).