Topic: The snapshot version transmission-daemon crashing?

First post on this forum ever, so extremely sorry for any mistake/noob-ality.

Also, even though I am having an issue with an OPKG package, I am using it on my Buffalo WZR-HP-AG300H with Buffalo's "pro" firmware (17798) which is actually DD-WRT under the hood... Please don't hold it against me.

The procedure I wrote and used to get opkg working is detailed on howtogeek.

I am now working on the followup article of installing and using the "transmission-daemon".
without going into too much detail (which i can give if requested), I got it working and was able to download several Linux ISOs with it. However, when downloading the Arch linux torrent, the daemon crashes.

To overcome this i have tried:
* Use earlier versions of the "libs" and package respectively.
* limit the download rate (which didn't seem to work at all).
* limit the amount of global connections to 60 and per torrent to 20 (as seen on another post).
* create and use a swap file.

Please help and thank you in advance for any reply, hotfortech.

Re: The snapshot version transmission-daemon crashing?