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I have a wrt160nl, currently running on ddwrt.

I want to switch to openwrt, however, i am not sure it my router is supported, and what are the required steps.

On this page: it was "do not flash". It this router supported, then? If yes, can anyone point me to the right direction for switching from ddwrt to openwrt?

ddwrt reports that my router is:
CPU Model Atheros AR9130 rev 2 (0xb8)
CPU Clock 400 MHz

Re: Wrt160nl and openwrt

It does work, just use 10.3.1-RC6 or later.

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Thank you!

Will uploading the openwrt bin file in the ddwrt web gui be enough for installing?  On the instructions i understand that yes, but there is also the tfpt alternative. I just want to make sure I will not brick my router. :-)

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I was able to install open wrt, directly via web gui, but only after installing the original linksys firmware.

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Which file did you use - factory.bin or sysupgrade.bin?

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hm... i really cannot remember. i believe i used factory version.