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Topic: d-link DSL-G664T


I got one of those ADL router that are WiP on openwrt.
Under ftp://ftp.dlink.de/dsl/dsl-g664t/driver … 040826.tgz one could find the GPLed source of his firmware which could (or couldn't) be usefull in order to help the devel smile

EDIT: it only contains the GPL sources D-Link use for there firmware sad

I have also an "old" routeur for fallback in case the d-G664T won't like my first try with openwrt.

Does anyone already have images that work with this router ? I have tried to reach the author of http://op-co.de/openwrt/ about it page without success.

I would also be interested in the ".config" file which is able to create boot image for such a router.

Thank you very much and have a great day !

Re: d-link DSL-G664T

You can compile the latest development version for the DSL-G664T (see http://wiki.openwrt.org/AR7Port).
I currently have the same model with OpenWrt running my home DSL connection smile

Re: d-link DSL-G664T

Oh great, is there a way to fetch your .config file in order to see what I really need ?

Thank you very much .)