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Topic: adding Netgear Stora support to openwrt (same as Seagate GoFlex Home?)

Is it possible to add to openwrt Netgear Stora support? seems Seagate GoFlex Home is very similair to it

128 Mb Ram (64MB DDR2 SDRAM x 2 ), 256MB NAND Memory , 1Ghz cpu (88F6281)

it has u-boot bootloader

some related links to hacking already in progress:

Main page
How to install custom fw
Netgear Stora Custom Operating Systems forum

i think "openstora" doesnt provide complete solid rock solution xd for making real firmware (actually only 2 entusiasts hacks that can be written to flash that periodically pops up in forum)
its ok for customization, but no regulary updating source etc
and Emdebian is not mature enough to put it on (and seems openwrt have much better support for small devices with low cpu footprint and especially on flash);

the solution is to add support to openwrt xD
i can test builds if someone can help with porting to test kernels/packages via tftp or flash it on NAND