Topic: ADSL modem with WIFI that supports OpenWrt

is there on the market (preferably Europe) a device that is a ADSL 2 modem, wireless router and supports OpenWrt?
I have gone through the list on this site and there is some D-link devices that have all of the above (dsl 2640) but if OpenWrt is installed  ADSL function is no longer available
Linksys WAG160N should do the trick but is the version supported by openwrt ADSL modem cause on the page it states its adsl gateway. Recently i have bought some devices selling as ADSL wireless routers but the adsl part in there name was just a marketing trick. Also it has a internal antenna so no range enhancement possible.

Any help would be apreciated.

Re: ADSL modem with WIFI that supports OpenWrt

D-Link DSL-G684T(ar7)
Siemens Gigaset SX763

OpenWRT trunk r27772 @ SX763
OpenWRT backfire 10.03 @ DSL-G684T