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Hello everyone. I recently purchased a new modem-router but i flashed with wrong firmware and now the device is dead. Unfortunately it doesn't respond to serial so my only option is to jtag it. The thing is that it doesn't have the pins on board. Since you are the gurus of routers, could you help me identify the pins, if any of course. Thanks in advance.

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At least I can see the picture, but i cannot enlarge it. What do I need to enable in my browser to do that
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What is this device called? Is there no info available in the wiki about it? Again some broadcom stuff...  unbelievable, they even forget to include the JTAG on the PCB.

Does this help you find the JTAG header (if there is one on the PCB): ?

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Your JTAG is located between the yellow ethernet connector row and the white DSL (?) connector, right behind the white "blob" on your picture. However, I see that you also have an already soldered in Serial connector between the 2 big Broadcom chips. Perhaps you may try to see if you get anything on that line before you decide to do JTAG. If you do get something there, perhaps you can interrupt the normal (and erraneous) booting and work some other magic...

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The device is an Alcatel Lucent Cell Pipe 7130 RG. Unfortunately it doesn't respond to serial, that's why i wanna jtag it. PopOpen, are you sure whose are jtag pins cause they look like they are from a missing port (usb, voip).

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trela wrote:

PopOpen, are you sure whose are jtag pins cause they look like they are from a missing port (usb, voip).

Actually I am NOT, since I cannot see that part of your board. looking at the backside, I think I may have been wrong. A "normal" JTAG has 12 or 14 pins in 2 rows of 6-7, but don't be too surprised if there are more or less. However, if you don't see something similar to this, you probably don't have one, eventhough your SoC may have the correct pins...somewhere. But if it's SMD I really don't recommend messing with that soldering, unless you are an expert SMD artist!

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